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On the Ground in Israel and NJ

A personal view of our efforts in Israel from Amir Shacham, Associate Executive Vice President, Israel and Overseas

The “Big 5” of Global Connections: Part II

The main attraction of a safari is to watch the wild animals in their natural habitat. The local guides always set a highly ambitious goal on the first day: “If we are lucky enough,” they would dramatically state, “understanding the lay of the land and keeping an optimistic spirit, we …

Introducing the “Big 5” of Federation’s Global Connections Arm

While it may sound like a vague, nostalgic memory from the pre-pandemic world, “back in the day” we used to travel overseas for vacations. Some of the most attractive destinations, at least for Israelis, were safari trips in Africa.

The main attraction of a safari is to watch the wild a…

Creating Memorable Moments

What do these moments have in common?

  • 20 Israeli and Greater MetroWest volunteers work together to rebuild a house in Union Beach after it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. They live together for a week, study Jewish texts, and create life-lasting bonds.
  • 40 young adults gather on a Frida…

The ABCs of the Israeli Election

It is now “the morning after” the Israeli general election. The results are in. Experts and commentators keep calculating, and yet no one knows who our next prime minister will be and which government will lead us from here. How can this be? Welcome to the Israeli political scene where e…

July 16, 2001

What did YOU do on July 16, 2001? You probably don’t remember. Most likely, you had yet another ordinary summer day.

Yet, for some people, this day means a lot. It could have been a life changer, perhaps even a lifesaver for them.

Since we just celebrated the 18th anniversary of this dat…