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On the Ground in Israel and NJ

A personal view of our efforts in Israel from Amir Shacham, Associate Executive Vice President, Israel and Overseas

Be Strong

This week’s Torah portion, Lech Lecha, symbolizes our people’s value in going to Israel. The reality is that we cannot all go to Israel, and instead we are spread out over the four corners of the world.

Integrated stories

Sad as it is, Israel’s history is determined and counted by wars. However, at the same time, it is based on the personal stories and the people-to-people connections.

Remembering our Heroes with a Look to Israel’s Future

This morning Israel stood and saluted the security forces’ heroes and the victims of terror.

Wanted: 1996 Israel Teen Travelers

We would like to reconnect with some of our teen travelers from 1996 who are now in their mid-30s. Do you recognize anyone? Let use know.

We Are GMW

One of my colleagues was cleaning her office last week and asked me to go over some Israel- related items that were buried there. I found treasury items that illustrate our GMW story.