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On the Ground in Israel and NJ

A personal view of our efforts in Israel from Amir Shacham, Associate Executive Vice President, Israel and Overseas


One of the most difficult moments in any war is to look at the faces of those innocent souls who paid the ultimate price and lost their lives.

Remarks by Amir Shacham at the Israel Solidarity Rally

I just returned from three tense weeks in Israel, where we had to defend ourselves again from terror. We sometimes feel alone in this struggle and I am therefore thrilled to see so many Israel supporters, here in Morristown, and my second home. It means a lot.

Roi Peles

by Amir Shacham, Associate Executive Vice President, Israel and Overseas

Looking at the accumulating photos of the fallen soldiers is perhaps the most difficult moment for me in this "Gaza War" (yes, I believe we are ready to call it such). Looking at these smiling, young vibrant faces and …

The Cozy Corner

Here are two statements about the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ:

  1. Our community is nationally renowned for its tradition of developing long-term, personal, intimate, and warm relationships with Israel and Israelis. 
  2. Our community is the only one among Diaspora communities to …

The Journey Is Not Completed

"Completing the journey" was the name of the last campaign by the Jewish people to bring to Israel the last members of the Ethiopian Jewish community. Indeed, most of this wonderful community is now in the Jewish State but the saga is not yet over. We have to make sure that their absorption …