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Israel & Overseas Partner Communities

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Our Partner Communities

As part of its commitment to Jewish people throughout the world, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ has developed special relationships with nine overseas communities: seven in Israel, one in Cherkassy, and one in Odessa. These partnerships bring together the people of the Greater MetroWest community and these overseas communities in many ways, including special projects, cultural, educational and professional exchanges, as well as missions and visits. Each partnership is unique, but all further our commitment to Klal Yisrael and tikkun olam — the unity of our worldwide Jewish family and repairing the world.

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ISHA Center

The ISHA Center (Ofakim Initiates the Integration of Women) in Ofakim, MetroWest’s Partner 2000 city in Israel, is both a women’s center and a “warm home” providing afterschool programming and support to girls at risk. A project of Women’s Philanthropy of Federation in partnership with the Rashi Foundation in Israel — and with grant funds totaling nearly $49,000 from the Jewish Community Foundation of MetroWest NJ — the center officially celebrated its opening on February 16, 2011. Six years in the making, over 200 women from MetroWest generously supported the project, which has created another living bridge between the people of MetroWest and the people of Ofakim, one that unites and strengthens Jewish community. Leslie Dannin Rosenthal, then vice co-chair of Major Gifts and a past president of Women’s Philanthropy, describes how the ISHA Center became a reality. 

by Amir Shacham, Associate Executive VP, Global Connections

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