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A Real Big Hug

As I write this, almost 300 rockets were launched from Gaza to Israel within 15 hours.

One hit Kibbutz Erez around 6 a.m. this morning. No one was hurt.

It all started yesterday after a special IDF commando force was discovered within Gaza and, in a bitter battle, was rescued. One officer, a colonel and a hero of Israel, whose name and identity cannot be revealed, was killed. I can say confidentially that he is from one of our partnership communities and we will go there later this week to hug, salute, and pay tribute on behalf of Greater MetroWest.

Right now, it looks as if it will get worse before it gets better, but anything can happen in this crazy neighborhood. No one is really surprised by this sudden escalation but somewhere, deep in our hearts, we thought that perhaps an arrangement is underway.

I suggest that on top of whatever we will be doing as part of the national system, we should show our solidarity with our family in Erez, Ofakim and Merchavim, who are under fire and lots of stress today. No money is needed right now, just a real big hug.

The day our commUNITY Mission spent in the Negev partnerships just a few weeks ago is a source of strength and resilience for our Israeli partners. The fact that I’ve heard from many of you in Greater MetroWest that photos from Erez are touching your hearts and souls is proof of the power of this living bridge.

Prayers for better life, peace and security on both sides of the border and ocean. Together we will better prevail.

Per Amir's request, we would like to send our friends in our partnership communities a “virtual hug.” Should you choose, please send a message of support to our partnership communities in Israel by clicking here. Your message needs to be received by Wednesday, November 14, at 5 p.m.