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JWI - Wexner Heritage Program

Federation's premier leadership development program for a select group of outstanding men and women who have the ability to shape and transmit a vision of Jewish life and communal responsibility.

The Wexner Heritage Program, a prestigious two-year program designed to develop and strengthen the skills of top Jewish communal leaders, has been conducted in 31 communities throughout North America and boasts more than 1,500 alumni who have gone on to become top leaders in their communities.

Through a series of shared experiences, intensive study of Jewish history and thought, travel, study, and reflection, participants will gain deeper connections and commitment to Greater MetroWest and the Jewish community. The Jerry Waldor Institute-Wexner Heritage Program will cultivate and develop the next generation of leaders and decision-makers who will transform Federation and the Greater MetroWest Jewish community.

The Jerry Waldor Institute-Wexner Heritage Program will bring together 20 members from the Greater MetroWest community for the program. With a distinguished faculty of professors, rabbis, professionals and civic leaders, the Program will offer participants the opportunity to meet peers from a broad range of community institutions. Upon completion of the Program, participants will be offered opportunities to move into high-level leadership positions within Federation and its network of agencies.

Local Jewish communal leaders must be nominated by leadership in their institutions in order to go through the rigorous process of nomination, written application, and personal interviews. Candidates should be ages 30-45, with personal, professional, and communal lives that reflect a history of leadership and commitment to the Jewish people.

Greater MetroWest is proud to have two classes of Wexner Heritage Program graduates leading our community forward. Click on the video below to learn more about the Wexner Heritage experience.




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