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CRC: Advocacy in Action

Honoring MLK’s Legacy: Educating and Advocating to Promote Racial Justice

As we approach the 38th year marking the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a day of sacred service and learning, now seems like the right time to reflect on where we, as a Jewish Federation, have come since the racial protests of last summer. As communities, and the country at large, …

No, We Cannot Stand Idly By

As protests continue across the U.S., many of us have become more than just silent witnesses to history. In dozens of communities across our area, families and individuals have been standing up and speaking out, expressing pain and sorrow over the senseless killing of another black man by po…

Bearing Witness on the Arizona/Mexico Border

By Linda Scherzer

The father of three-year-old Naya and her two older sisters was faced with an impossible choice. Stay in Venezuela and be subjected to arbitrary imprisonment for refusing to pay extortion fees to the police or flee his country.

The restaurant owner, also from Venezuela…

The Majesty of Coming Together: Reflections on AIPAC Policy Conference 2019

Walking the massive hallways of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center last week, I experienced something which, for me, was a rare and sacred moment in an increasingly divided America. Amidst a national climate of bitter partisanship and ugly debate, I discovered for the first time in m…

Speaking Up for Our Shared Values

Next Saturday, January 19, hundreds of thousands of women and men across the country will take to the streets once again for the third annual National Women’s March.